Sunday, July 20

This Sunday, Linda will share from Thay's book "Anger."


Sunday, July 13

Pete will facilitate this Sunday on the topic of Engaged Buddhism and include a short offering from Thay.


Sunday, July 6

Marge will facilitate reflecting on the importance and value of practicing within a sangha, being supported by Deer Park Monastery, Plum Village, the larger sangha, and the virtual/online sangha in our practice. She will also offer prunes from the grounds of Plum Village during an eating meditation. Please bring a cloth napkin to support the eating meditation!


Sunday, June 29

Please join us in reciting the Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings this Sunday, facilitated by Loretta.


Sunday, June 22

This week we will listen to a short talk by Thay and Pete will facilitate on the Heart of a Bodhisattva. Cultivating intention in the face of futility. Can we really make a difference in the face of climate change and global suffering?


Sunday, June 15

This Sunday we will practice mostly in silence with sitting, walking & deep relaxation (bring a blanket if you like).


Sunday, June 1

​Karen will​ ​facilitate on "Restoring Peace within Yourself" from Thay's book, True Love.


Sunday, May 18

Nick will facilitate this Sunday on interbeing and non-self.


Sunday, May 11

This week Loretta will guide the sangha through "Touching the Earth" practice followed by "Deep Relaxation" (Ah...sounds so good, doesn't it!). In order to have room for these practices, we will meet in the be big hall downstairs (Bard Hall). Or if the weather is warm enough, we will Touch the Earth outside and come into the hall for Deep Relaxation. Please bring a towel or mat on which to lie and/or cover up.

After sangha, everyone is invited to come strengthening our sisterhood and brotherhood further by dining (dutch) at the Loving Hut.