Sunday, May 24

In our practice Thay encourages us to heal our past with our ancestors and to realize they are still with us. He says we practice not only for ourselves, but for our ancestors, too. This Sunday we will consider how we may bring our ancestors into our present experience and appreciate their contributions in our lives. You are invited to bring pictures of one or a few of your ancestors you would like to bring into our circle of practice.



Sunday, May 17

Dear Thay, Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This Sunday, we will have the opportunity to listen to one of Thay's short dharma talks on how we can be peaceful and enjoy life (and not fall prey to anger, fear, or resentment) when there is so much suffering in the world?

We will also do some sitting mediation outside, weather permitting, so we can enjoy nature after it has had such a beautiful cleansing and nourishing drink. Feel free to bring a ground cover if you would prefer to sit on it instead of on the ground.

Singing in the Rain,


Sunday, May 10

Dear Sangha,

I would like to help us find our way into a deeper and more satisfying relationship with reality, to know our real selves, and to achieve liberation from fear and tension stemming from our false sense of being a separate self.

I know from my practice that it is possible to transform our minds so that we are happy, well and vibrantly alive in the present moment.

Our teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh, said nothing in the world causes more suffering than an untrained mind. Then he said that nothing in the world creates more happiness and wellbeing than a well-trained mind. Our practice consists of skillful means to enable us to train our minds to achieve concentration and liberation, joy, happiness and peace. These practices include inspiring poetry, guided meditations and teachings, which are deep and offer us food for contemplation. We will explore the teachings of the Three Doors of Liberation, emptiness, signlessness and aimlessness, and the three Dharma Seals, impermanence, non-self and Nirvana. We will enjoy being reminded of some of the poetic images that inspire us and we will have a guided meditation to make all of this real through practice.

I look forward to being with you and facilitating this Sunday.


Universal Emptiness of the Heart
True Enlightenment Garden


Sunday, May 3

We will have a chance to study and practice with elements from The Four Establishments of Mindfulness (Sattipathana Sutra), facilitated by Pete.


Sunday, April 12

Pete will facilitate this week, where we will have the opportunity to study and reflect on Thay’s translation of “Sutra on the Net of Sensual Love”. This little known Sutra was initially taught by the Buddha to monastics. Thay insists it is relevant for everyone.

“Mindfulness practice doesn’t sweep away or bring an end to sensual desire. To bring such a thing to an end would make us no longer human. We practice in order to have the capacity to deal with desire, to smile with desire, so that we may be free of it.”

“Love can bring us happiness and peace as long as we love in such a way that we don’t make a net to confine ourselves and others.”

“Love can be our greatest joy, or - when it gets confused with craving and attachment - our greatest suffering. By understanding the roots of our suffering and learning how to develop deep understanding of ourselves and our loved one, we can enjoy the relaxation, joy and peace that comes from true love.”


Sunday, April 5

Karen will facilitate on selective seed watering.


Sunday, March 29

This Sunday, we will recite the Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings, which will include some of the ceremonial chanting (Incense Offering, Opening Verse, The Three Refuges, Closing Verse) in the Plum Village tradition.


Sunday, March 15

Pete will facilitate on getting back to basics and focusing on Sitting meditation practice. Those with a copy of “How To Sit” are encouraged to bring it.